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PowerMedEd…is ON!

Cell phone health check conceptWe created this blog and website for medical students, residents, faculty members, and practicing physicians alike. At different times, we have all experienced technological challenges as we work with patients. PowerMedEd develops solutions. If you have not entered Accountable Care Organization measures for patients or used "work arounds" to document Meaningful Use data for patients, you are in the minority.  While I understand the reasoning for documenting this data, and believe that some of this information will be helpful to take care of patient populations, there is no denying the added work that these programs have created. So technological advances cause us to focus on documenting more than in the past, but I believe technology can help us take better care of each patient as well. This is where PowerMedEd comes in. Hopefully over the coming weeks, you will agree with me that if we change some of the systems we use in our offices and hospitals, we can educate individual patients more effectively. I have no doubt that in the near future, there will be more boxes to click and more documentation to complete, but I am also very excited about the opportunities that technology can afford us. What if your patients were commonly using tablets to view patient educational material during their visits, and you could trust the provided information?  Maybe they could even enter their email address and get further information to view later. This could be just a beginning. We can make things better for our patients without much expense and extra time. See if you agree with me in the coming weeks....Steve

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